Sunteck World

Sunteck World

The largest township of western suburbs- Connected. Convenient. Comfortable

Sunteck Group has developed township projects across the Western Suburbs of Mumbai tailored to the modern urban living requirements. From being situated in prime locations to having all facilities imaginable, the four township projects that come under the purview of Sunteck World are revolutionary in ushering lavish living in affordable prices. Sunteck One World in Naigaon, Sunteck Forest World in Vasind, Sunteck MaxXWorld in Naigaon, and Sunteck WestWorld in Naigaon East are the four pillars of the blooming Sunteck World in the western suburbs.

Sunteck One World in Naigaon

Sunteck One World in Naigaon is one of Sunteck group’s largest projects in the western suburb. Planned and designed keeping maximum convenience and comfort in mind, this township project is well-connected and at a stone’s throw away from facilities like healthcare, schools, transportation and entertainment. Its proximity to Naigaon Railway station and Juchandra Railway station is approximately five minutes by road. Road connectivity is superb as well with the Western Express Highway connecting it to Borivali, and the East-West Bridge connecting Naigaon east to Naigaon west. The Bhayandar- Naigaon sea link, stretching over 5 kms with six-lanes, will connect with the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway no 48. The proposed Virar-Alibaug multimodal corridor will provide connectivity between MMR and Alibaug. The upcoming proposed metro 2A, 7 and 10 will provide additional connectivity to other Mumbai suburbs. Sunteck One World is built on a massive 150 acres plot with 73% of it being green landscape area. 1 and 2bhk premium and luxurious residencies lapped in nature is the ideal option for the modern family!

Sunteck Forest World in Vasind

Sunteck Forest World is located in the heart of Vasind, and is surrounded by the beautiful and luscious Western Ghats. Sunteck Forest World, with its state-of-the-art architecture and location surrounded by bounties of the Ghats, is the perfect combination of convenience and nature. It’s located approximately 1kilometre from the Vasind Railway Station, and only 5 stations away from Kalyan. The upcoming metro 5 and 12 will further improve the township project’s overall connectivity with other suburbs. The roadway connectivity is equally good with Vasind touching Mumbai Nashik Highway and the construction of the upcoming DMIC Corridor being on the cards. Kalyan Bhiwandi bypass road also lies in close proximity. The township project comes with gym and sports facilities, open spaces, indoor games spaces, multipurpose halls, club house and much more. The residential complex is constructed on approximately 40 acres of land and has 1bhk and 2bhk luxurious flats in Vasind.

Sunteck WestWorld in Naigaon East

Enjoy a slice of comfort and nature in Vasind when you make a home out of Sunteck WestWorld’s luxurious 1bhk and 2bhk flats. Located at a distance of only 5minutes from the Naigaon Railway station and the Juchandra Railway station, Sunteck MaxXWorld’s railway connectivity is impeccable. The upcoming metro 7 will provide excellent connectivity to the city. Moreover, the East-West Bridge Connecting Naigaon east to Naigaon west guarantees easy access to Vasai. Bhayandar-Naigaon Sea Link that is in the process of construction will provide connectivity with the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway no. 48. In addition to stellar connectivity, Sunteck WestWorld in Naigaon gives the residents access to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, fine dining restaurants and much more! Not to forget the incredible facilities like gym, amphitheater, sports arenas, parks and open spaces that are already built inside the township projects. WestWorld is a dream come true for Mumbaikars looking for a home away from the populous city and yet live lavishly.

Sunteck MaxXWorld Naigaon

Sunteck MaxXWorld is the ideal destination for anyone who’s looking for luxurious and affordable flats in Naigaon East. The township is spread across 150 acres of land and comprises 1bhk-3bhk towers. This township project is built to meet the aspirations of owning a home in Mumbai. Entertainment centers, shopping malls, restaurants, hypermarkets, schools, and hospitals- Vasind is teeming with amenities and potential. The roadway connection is solid with the East-West Bridge Connecting Naigaon East to Naigaon West. The Bhayandar-Naigaon Sea Link will eventually connect with the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway. Metro connectivity will also improve with the proposed construction of 2A, 7 and 10. Sunteck MaxXWorld is located at a distance of five minutes from the Naigaon railway station and the Juchandra railway station. Its connectivity and natural surroundings make it the perfect abode for people seeking flats in Naigaon East.

Connected, convenient, comfortable describe the township projects designed and constructed by Sunteck Group. The four residential projects comprise the essence of Sunteck World in the Western suburbs. Luxury and natural beauty go hand-in-hand with all these projects, and will definitely make you feel welcome and at home!