Sunteck Realty- Your new world of luxury that goes beyond the Ordinary

Sunteck Realty

A home is not just four walls for dwelling… A home should inspire your living!

Imagine an enclave in a bustling city where noise is restricted and only sweet sounds echo. Where natural surroundings envelop your homes with fresh air ventilation and bestow picturesque views. Where you live amidst the clouds with the highest elevation. Where your comfort is adorned with a luxurious lifestyle.

While these may seem like dreamlike narrations, what if we told you we have brought this vision to life?

Sunteck Realty is the nucleus of premium residences that redefine luxury with an assortment of unique aesthetics. We are dedicated to offering the most lavish living in the prime regions of Mumbai City, thus presenting the best of both worlds– nestled amidst nature while enjoying urban life.


Sunteck-Realty has garnered a high credit as the fastest-emerging Mumbai-based real estate company with over 52.5 Million sq ft of development across 20 projects and 13 completed projects. The brand is equated with opulence, quality, customer-centricity, and redefining the Mumbai skyline.

The company’s forte is a reliable track record, generally favorable Sunteck Realty customer reviews, financial prudency, and sustainable growth. Rest assured, we strive to form eternal relationships with transparency for our customers.

Our exclusively designed projects

Sunteck Realty has curated distinguished projects where each offers a rare form of luxury–


This iconic residence exudes opulence in every aspect. Defined as an Uber-Luxury residential project, it will present prestige to your living with intricately-designed 3 &4 Bed Residences in BKC.

It is indeed a signature of your success story!


This ultra-luxury collection is crafted for a living experience like never before. Signia is a coterie for the elites that signifies elegance, honor, and pride. The projects that fall under the Signia brand Portfolio are:

  • Signia Waterfront
  • Signia High
  • Signia Pearl
  • Signia Oceans
  • Signia Skys
  • Signia Isles


  • 1st Avenue
  • 2nd Avenue
  • 4th Avenue
  • 5th Avenue

Sunteck World

Welcome to a world that brings your aspirations to fruition!

These residences are located amidst lush greenery and are beautified with luxury. Every project under Sunteck World is designed to fade the line between nature and the city, thus presenting a serene living experience. The projects that fall under the Sunteck World brand portfolio are:

Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR)

Presenting India’s largest beachfront township in Mumbai.

Living in Mumbai is a dream, but living in Mumbai along the sea is an invaluable emotion! Sunteck Beach Residences– a marquee luxury address rising by the sea, sprawls across 50 acres and offers exclusive 2&3 premium bed residences, with ethereal sea views on one side and hill views on the other.

Sunteck Commercial & Retail

Sunteck Realty has expanded its craftsmanship in creating contemporary business spaces with architectural marvels. These projects bring sophistication and trustworthiness to your company/business.

  • Sunteck Pinnacle
  • Sunteck Crest
  • Sunteck Centre
  • Sunteck Grandeur
  • Sunteck Kanaka
  • Sunteck Centrako
  • Sunteck Certainty
  • Sunteck Promenade

Strategic locations in prime zones of Mumbai

Every project of Sunteck Realty has a befitting address to provide optimum convenience to the residents. We ensure that the residences and commercial spaces are in proximity to road infrastructure, transport systems, and essential facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, security facilities, and recreational spots.

Besides, due to the prime location, most workplaces are at convenient distances from the projects, thus relieving the commute stress.

The strategic blueprints allow iconic views from homes. Our projects in Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC), Oshiwara District Centre (ODC), Goregaon (W), Vasai, Naigaon, Airoli, and many more areas offer the ultimate Mumbai experience.

Thoughtfully crafted Amenities

Luxury is not just an experience but is also a sentiment. It symbolizes one’s reward for hardwork and perseverance.

Sunteck Realty evokes luxury with thoughtfully curated amenities that complement the respective aesthetics of the project.

  • For beachside residences, amenities in open spaces enhance luxury within nature.
  • The township projects are well-equipped with amenities that provide convenience and leisure for the residents.
  • The iconic residence at the prime location of Mumbai has opulent facilities like a jacuzzi, pool view, virtual golf room, landscaped & podium gardens, and many more.
  • Mixed townships enjoy retail spaces, cafes, and shopping marts right in their complex.

Such comprehensive amenities are exclusive privileges for the few!


Sunteck Realty is a trendsetter creating residences and commercial spaces that meet global standards. If you want to experience unmatched luxury with a wholesome environment for your family, then our projects will bode you well; or rather…abode you well! Browse the website to know more.


Q: Who is the owner of Sunteck Realty?

A: Mr. Kamal Khetan is the Chairman & Managing Director (CMD) of Sunteck Realty, who leads the company.

Q: What does Sunteck realty do?

A: Sunteck Realty majorly caters to the luxury segment of the real estate market in Mumbai with premium residential projects across MMR.

Q: Is Sunteck Realty a good company?

A: Sunteck Realty reviews are reflected positively from happy customers, mainly emphasizing customer service, sales representatives, and overall quality and timely delivery of projects. In all, Sunteck Realty fares well with its services.