India’s Largest Beachfront Destination in Mumbai

Live The Beach Life at India’s largest beachfront township

“The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

If you have moved to a foreign land to fulfill your goals and dreams and have been residing out of your home country, you will relate to this feeling. Your dreams have undoubtedly been fulfilled in leaps and bounds. But the longing to return home has never been forgotten.

You wish not just to return to your home country but also to own your own residence right here. A place that is yours in every sense of the word. You desire for yourself and your family, every comfort, every piece of luxury and every joy that you are entitled to in your homeland.

What if we took it further? What if your home residence is at par with the very best that countries around the world have to offer?

Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR): A Luxurious Sea-Facing Paradise

Sunteck Realty Limited is the fastest growing luxury real estate developer in Mumbai. Our goal is to bring world class luxury living standards in India. We are realizing our aim to get India at the forefront of architectural lavishness one residential complex at a time.

Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR), is our iconic project at the heart of Vasai, Mumbai that meets the expectations of the newer Beach Generation of residents. An exquisite housing project with residences that face the majestic Suruchi beach is a tropical heaven for the sea and beach enthusiasts. Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR) boasts of the most exotic views and iconic architecture that quenches the demand for sea-facing apartments.

Moreover, located at a culturally rich and diverse part of Mumbai, Vasai, this real estate marvel is a perfect abode with a balanced combination of history, culture, nature and architecture. In terms of location, infrastructure and opulence of lifestyle, SBR promises a life that once seemed possible only in the exclusive seafront enclaves of Jumeirah, Miami, and Sydney.

Redefining Luxury

Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR) is an exclusive sea-facing township located at Suruchi Beach in Vasai. The township is spread across 50 acres and boasts all imaginable amenities. The project comprises facilities that complement the modern lifestyle. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments our fitness centers include gymnasiums and aerobics spaces. Moreover, there will always be running, walking and cycling tracks along the coastline for cardio sessions. Dedicated spaces that are shrouded in natural beauty will be reserved for yoga and other rejuvenation activities. Luxurious town halls and areas that are perfect for any occasion, be it a cozy get-together or big celebrations like weddings, are a part of the township. The global modern lifestyle is also being built around stable work-life balance with plenty of entertainment and indulgence being a part and parcel of life. Our township is home to fine dining multi-cuisine restaurants, boutiques and cafes, as well as a host of entertainment centers.

Live the Beach Life

Being surrounded by the bounties of the majestic ocean is a cherishing way of growing together as a family. The view from your windows will always be a mesmerizing and pristine one from dawn to dusk. Living in such close proximity to nature- the greenery of tropical plants, the sweetness of fresh fruits, the smell of the sea, the gentleness of the breeze- fills your life with profound peace and keeps your senses alive. There’s not only an aesthetic value to these living spaces but also a much temporal value to living amidst nature. Living near the beach also ensures that you never run out of activities for your free time and you are always on vacation mode. Enjoying the calmness during the sunrise and sunset as the sky is painted in a myriad of colours is therapeutic. You will always have a meditation spot at the beach with the recurrent sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Your weekends will be backed with fun when you spend time with friends and family at the beach playing games or swimming in the water. Learning new watersports, especially surfing, will make sure that you never spend a dull day. On a nice, sunny Sunday you can help your little ones build sand castles, or play a few rounds of beach volleyball with them. Your special moments will be etched in your and your loved ones’ memories when they are celebrated at the beach.

Vasai is a location that enjoys the amalgamation of city and nature. Hosted by the Suruchi beach, the township’s location is unrivalled not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of its connectivity. Vasai is brimming with unparalleled potential with a number of infrastructural projects upcoming in the area including the 23 km-long Shivaji Chowk metro line, Virar-Alibaug Multimodal Corrdior, the Vasai-Mira-Bhayandar Bridge, and a sea link from Versova-Virar.

Why choose Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR)?

Sunteck Beach Residences(SBR) is one of its kind. A perfect blend of world class facilities and the serenity of nature. Mumbai is staying ahead in the game of residential infrastructure by catering to the needs of the modern lifestyle. Sunteck Beach Residences (SBR) is a newly launched project built on a massive space that enables the inclusion of the latest amenities. For those who would like to relocate to a culturally rich and diverse city, and a place with a beautiful moderate to tropical climate, SBR is for you.

While SBR is an excellent project for you to live in, it is also an incredible opportunity for those of you who want to earn great returns. Being an exclusive Marquee Luxurious Beachfront Township situated in Mumbai, SBR is a sought-after destination where exponential appreciation can undoubtedly be expected in the near future.