Work from Home, The New Normal

Work from Home

The world had been put on pause for some time and the rush of routine life seem to have taken a back seat. These circumstances, in which we live now have made us adapt to a new way of life, the Work from Home(WFH) concept – The much spoken about terminology in the corporate vocabulary this year.

Recently, Jack Dorsey CEO, Twitter, announced that their employees can work from home permanently even after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google told employees that the remote work policy will be extended till 2021. Nearly 30 lakhs Indian technology workers are already working from home, reports ET. 40% of TCS employees were asked to work from home, and Accenture opened this option for 60% of employees in India and the Philippines. By 2025, 75% of TCS employees could be functioning remotely. Almost few days into the lockdown made us realize that Work from Home will be the new norm for us. Companies also realized that the Work from Home concept did not hamper the productivity of its employees and found it to be a viable option for the future. It opened up an opportunity for Work from Home as a permanent option for most of the companies and those in which certain departments could carry out their daily operations from home. This will eventually help the employees maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

Immediately after Twitter announced its permanent remote work policy, searches for “Twitter jobs” rose by 80%. When Facebook and Square made similar announcements, searches for their career opportunities also increased. In addition to attracting talent, remote work has been shown to increase employee satisfaction, and thus, retention.  

Employees would need a dedicated space at their homes from where they can carry out their work. Most people lived near their workplace in the city to save travelling time, but they did not have enough space in their apartment to setup a dedicated space for work. Now with the new WFH norm, the property options in suburbs seem to have risen with employees considering moving to suburbs for bigger homes and a WFH space within. The property prices in the suburbs are quite attractive and with lockdown offers its adding cherry to the cake. Everyone wants a luxury abode as all the time spent of an individual is at their homes. 

As it is amply clear that remote working isn’t going anywhere, it is important for employees to demarcate personal and professional lives to avoid work-life conflicts. Sticking to a routine, getting dressed like earlier, and not procrastinating are some of the tips that can make working from home easier.