Suruchi Beach

Suruchi Beach

A beach named after the trees!
Did you know there’s a beach named after famous trees?
The pristine Suruchi Beach at Vasai (W) is one of the most scenic beaches in Mumbai.

This beautiful beach is named after the Suru (Casuriana) trees which is abundant on the beachside that gives a perfect green cover for the visitors. The Suru trees are also known as the Australian Pine and the She-Oak. When the breeze goes through its innumerable slender twigs makes a pleasant singing sound, which lends it the common name Whistling Pine.

Suru trees provide a natural buffer zone for the shore and help minimize damages during natural disasters like cyclones. This plantation helps in the coastal reduction and provides shelter against the extreme wind as well. Under the National Cyclone Mitigation Project by the World Bank, the Government has already initiated various projects to plant and preserve Suru trees across the shores in Maharashtra.

The legendary spear “Kaumaile” which is closely associated with the history of Nanumea, an island in Polynesian triangle, is believed to be made from a Suru Tree. This 1.8-meter sphere was used by their hero Tefolaha and is more than 880 years old and still preserved by the descendants.

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How to Reach The Destination

If one wants to reach the beach by car coming from the Mumbai end, take a left from the Vasai flyover in the Mumbai –Ahmedabad Highway, via Sativli and then take the Vasai East-West railway fly over to Vasai. It is very close to the highway. By train, one can take a Vasai or Virar local in the western line and get down at Vasai station on the west side. The beach is also quite close to the Vasai Fort.