Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) is the Ideal Destination for Real Estate Opportunities

Looking for a good real estate opportunity? Oshiwara District Centre is your destination.

This rapidly developing suburb, located in the western part of Mumbai, has emerged as a growing real estate hub due to its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and fast-paced development. Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) real estate gives you an opportunity to earn great returns! Let’s take a look at why ODC is your best choice when it comes to real estate and how you can become a smart investor when you own a property in this part of Mumbai. 

Goregaon gives you the best location.

One of the most significant advantages of Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) is its location. It offers great connectivity through multiple modes of transport. The Western Express Highway, one of the main arteries of the city runs through the suburb and allows conveyance across the city in a short span of time. Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) also has its own railway station, which is a part of the Mumbai suburban railway network. For frequent flyers, the airport is just a short drive away. 

The suburb is woven with a network of wide roads, flyovers, and bridges, which make it easy to navigate. Additionally, the upcoming Mumbai Metro line 7 and 2A will further improve connectivity. All of these factors make Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) a location with high centricity, adding to the ever growing demand for real estate properties in the area.

Fast-paced development

Over the past few years, Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) has witnessed tremendous development both in terms of residential and commercial properties. Luxurious real estate projects like SunteckCity are perched in the midst of Oshiwara District Centre (ODC), ensuring its residents are surrounded by the best social infrastructure from hospitals and schools to hi-street retail, fine dining and entertainment. If you are someone looking for smart opportunities in luxury real estate, then there’s no better place than Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) and no residential township comparable to SunteckCity. 

That’s not all, Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) has numerous multinational corporations in close proximity, making it a prime commercial hub and termed as the next BKCby MMRDA. The demand for housing in this area is therefore skyrocketing. Developers like Sunteck have responded by launching new projects in the area, which has created a wide range of options for home buyers to take advantage of. Whether you are looking for a lavish 3 bed residence or a top storey apartment with a beautiful view, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and preferences in Oshiwara District Centre (ODC).

Opportunities at desirable prices with greater ROI

What makes Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) the real estate hub in Mumbai is the attractive prices of properties. Compared to other areas in Mumbai, ODC is relatively less steep. While property prices have increased over the past few years, they are still offer more value compared to other areas such as Bandra and Andheri. This makes it a great place for those looking for an appreciation in property value in the future and great returns. 

Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) has tremendous potential for growth.

Finally, Oshiwara District Centre (ODC)  has great potential for growth. With the government’s focus on developing infrastructure and improving connectivity, the suburb is likely to see further growth in the future. This means that those buying property in Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) today are likely to see good returns in the future as the area develops.

With its excellent infrastructure, great connectivity, and affordable property prices, Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) should be at the top of your list of areas to invest in. If you are keen on investing in luxury real estate with class-apart amenities in ODC, there’s no better place than SunteckCity. Prime location, connectivity, unmatchable facilities, and everything that adds to the value appreciation of a property. An opportunity with great returns, SunteckCity is the place to be!