Music & Dance Binds Our Soul, Heart and Emotions

Music & Dance

Sunteck Talent Champion (STC), was a Digital Dance & Singing Challenge hosted by Sunteck Realty from 3rd April-14th April 2020 on its Social platforms. This contest was towards the cause of contributing to COVID-19.

Lockdown can be a hard time, especially when we don’t find something exciting to indulge into. Sunteck Talent Champion was a first-of-its-kind digital extravaganza, where one got a chance to express their passion for Dance & Singing and showcase it to the world from the comfort of their homes, thereby keeping themselves & the audience entertained. And most importantly, for a humble cause. There was no age bar and each and every person could be part of the fun!

Sunteck Group initiated this phenomenal digital contest in pursuit of engaging people, by providing them a platform to bring out their talents in this time of quarantine. While all the participants had to do was put their best foot forward and contribute to the cause of COVID-19 through their Likes & Tags, for each like and tag Sunteck contributed to the cause and all arrangements were done keeping in mind to follow the motto & “we stay home”. Each entry had instructions so that social distancing was adhered to. 

We encouraged more and more participants to unleash their skills and strive to get as many likes & tags on their videos as possible. The Participants could take this amount to up to 25Lacs.

The contest entries had ended on the 9th of April, followed by which was the Grand Finale. The thrill had now gone to a whole new level. Participants started prepping up for their Final performances and we were all braced up to witness some jaw-dropping entertainment.

Sunteck were filled with excitement looking at the super dynamic energy the contestants imbibed. Each performance reflected a beautiful story and some great energy. After having seen the next-level brilliancy within each performer, it was really hard to choose the winners.

The much-awaited moment arrived. It was the day where the Finale Winners of the Sunteck Talent Champion were announced. The winners in the Dance & Singing Championship were classified into 3 categories – Second Runner Ups, First Runner Ups & the Finale Winners, each of which had 4 winners.

We received over 500+ registrations and about 300+ contestants participated, setting the stage of Sunteck Talent Champion ablaze. All our participants performed with immense confidence, passion and exuberance; some of which even expressed the awareness of COVID-19 through their remarkable performances. 

The Sunteck Talent Champion was a massive success and its presence reached Lacs of People. The overwhelming participation and support of the contestants enormously helped raise the funds for COVID-19. This incredible platform inspired umpteen young talents to unlock their potential during the lockdown and seize the chance of becoming India’s next digital sensation and moreover, come together as one, in contributing towards something great.