Fantastic ideas for adorning the vacant corner in your living room

Fantastic ideas for adorning the vacant corner in your living room

When you own a house, you want to convert it into a home by utilizing every square inch. You want every nook and cranny to reflect your sense of style and personality. When you throw the doors to your house open, the living room is the first space your guests, friends and family come into. Sometimes empty corners stand out from the rest of the décor, and invite you to fill them up. But do take your time doing your living room decoration because just filling up empty spaces is not your goal here. We have some great tips for you if you are looking for fresh ideas to decorate little corners of your living room.

The Reader’s Paradise

The best way to utilize free space in your living room is to stock up on some good books. Corners are perfect to set up a little chair or a comfy sofa and make it into your reading spot. Floating shelves are great for storing books. They are not too boxy, or overwhelming. After all, your corner should feel inviting to both readers and non-readers. If you are a reader, then full length corner shelves will be absolutely stunning for the corner. A small reader’s paradise also helps you unwind after a long day when you sit with your relaxing cup of tea and gloss over your favorite book. This is going to be your therapeutic corner.

A splash of green

Talking about therapeutic, there’s nothing more soothing to the eyes and the mind than the luscious green color. Your living room decoration by adding a splash of greens to the empty corners. You could opt for synthetic plants or real plants that are low maintenance. Tropical plants look the best in corners with their slender stems and big leaves. Monstera deliciosa is a popular choice with long stems, and flat leaves. Giant Alocasia, Areca Palm, Monstera Broken Heart and Monstera Dragon tail are perfect big to mid-size plants to keep in your living room corner. In addition, hanging plants like String of Banana from the ceiling adds more dimension to your little corner making it into a quaint and minimal garden.

A Conversation Corner

We know that living rooms are nuclei for conversations but a little corner for tea after a fulfilling meal never hurt anyone. A couple of wooden chairs and a small corner table with China tea pots and cups add elegance and class to your living room. This set up is perfect after you have lounged all day on the couch and want to enjoy your evening tea over some wholesome conversation with a loved one. Your own table for two!

Your own art gallery

The living room corner is the best space to showcase the taste of the art connoisseur in you. Canvas paintings of various sizes look like a mosaic of beautiful and choicest art showcased on your living room wall. You could match your art with your decor- portraits for a Victorian style room, minimalist art for your modern living room or splashes of colors for your maximalist taste. Dream catchers, crochets, wall hangings and models are the variety of art that you can showcase on floating shelves in this corner. Let your creative side spill!

A little study space

Most houses do not have a separate study for working. Improvise your living room corner and implement your own study space. A single wooden desk and a chair goes quite well in an empty corner. You could fit your stationary, a desk lamp, your laptop and some notebooks on the table. This is both utilitarian and beautiful. This is an ideal space if you are working from home or working on a personal project. It does not take away from the comfortable living room décor, while also giving you room to think, be creative and productive from your living room.

There is so much that you could do with your empty living room corner. Don’t make hasty decisions and take your time in choosing an option that suits your taste in décor as well as maximizes utility for you. We’re always here to nudge you in the right direction!