5 Great Ways to Decorate that Empty Corner in Your Living Room

Your living room corners can elevate the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space if you rise to this decorating opportunity. Though it can be tempting to leave it be. But you can utilise any of these innovative home decorideas to fill those awkward, empty spaces while creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in your living area.

1. Window Corners: Crafting a Cosy Window Seat

Putting up a window seat in the corner of a living room is a highly practical and versatile idea, as it will serve multiple functions. This often overlooked space can be transformed into a storage solution while offering a comfortable seating area for your post-work activities such as reading, dining, or simply enjoying the scenic view beyond the window.

But the importance of proportions while incorporating a storage bench beneath a window, cannot be underestimated. To achieve the right balance, avoid narrow benches as they may look appealing but lack comfort, reducing their practical usage. Make sure that the height of the bench is enough to give you substantial storage without hindering the ease of getting on and off. The size of the bench will vary based on the corner, window placement and the average height of all users in the family. Make sure to consider these factors before implementing this functional and aesthetic idea.

2. Corner Walls: An Opportunity for Artwork

You can transform an empty corner into a personalised gallery wall by grouping artwork together in a cluster. Start by choosing key pieces, whether paintings, prints, or fabric, to serve as the focal point and draw inspiration for your decor from them. If your goal is to make a bold statement with your gallery wall, consider embracing a maximalist approach.

We suggest you experiment with a mix of different frames for a more eclectic and visually engaging display. Remembering the mantra “You can never have too much” we encourage adopting diverse and abundant arrangements of artworks to create a striking gallery wall.

3. Green Corner: A Tall Houseplant

A rather straightforward and budget-friendly solution to enhancing an overlooked living room corner would be the incorporation of a houseplant. Indoor trees, in particular, have the power to create a captivating focal point. As interest in nature and sustainability is pronounced in the world, you should try exploring the remarkable health benefits of houseplants. An indoor green corner promises to not only provide an improvement in your quality of life but also an uplifted ambience in your living space.

Indoor trees come in a variety of leafy textures, shapes, patterns, and colours, pick what best exemplifies your room and let them bring a transformative touch to an otherwise neglected corner of your living room. You can also amplify this effect by layering smaller plants at different heights, adding depth and visual interest to the space.

4. High-Ceiling Corners: Try a Decorative Screen

Decorative screens when strategically placed in high-ceiling corners offer a sophisticated and multifaceted solution that maximises both vertical space and aesthetic appeal. Beyond their visual interest, these room dividers serve as elements that contribute to the overall design scheme of your living room.

Consider choosing screens with materials that complement your existing decor, be it sleek metal for a modern look or ornate wood for a touch of traditional charm. These screens become more than just functional dividers; they become statement pieces that elevate the entire ambience of your living room.

5. Dedicated Work Space: Ideal for Work From Home

In the present design trends, workspaces and desks keep finding their way into unexpected areas like bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Through a thoughtfully planned living room arrangement, it becomes feasible to transform an unoccupied corner into a multifunctional space that serves both as an office and a welcoming area for visitors. The pivotal element in this synergy is a built-in desk, seamlessly doubling as living room shelving when not utilised for work, maintaining a neat and organised room appearance. Optimise the use of overhead, efficient living room lighting to preserve your valuable workspace and simultaneously ensure a conducive environment for both work and relaxation.


Empty living room corners offer endless possibilities for creative expression and practical additions. Whether you opt for cosy window seats, houseplants, unique artwork placements, decorative screens, or dedicated workspaces, these ideas can transform neglected corners into captivating focal points, contributing to a well-designed and inviting living space.

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How do you style an empty corner in a living room?

To style an empty corner in a living room, consider placing a decorative accent chair, tall potted plant, floor lamp, or a small bookshelf. These elements add visual interest and functionality, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

What can I put in an empty space in my living room?

Consider adding a stylish accent chair, a decorative floor lamp, or a potted plant to fill the empty space in your living room. Furniture like a side table or a bookshelf can also enhance the aesthetic while providing functionality.

How do you style an empty room?

To style an empty room, begin by establishing a focal point, selecting a colour scheme, choosing versatile furniture, incorporating decorative elements, and personalising the space with meaningful items to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.