At Sunteck, we believe that people need to enjoy their work to give their best. Latest technologies, challenging assignments, attractive compensation, open culture, and good interpersonal relationship provide the platform on which Sunteck team members can embark upon a new journey and grow with the company.

Performance is paramount. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance. In fact, our unique policy of 'oneness' is unparalleled in the industry. Everyone at Sunteck - from a new colleague to the CEO - is treated the same.

All employees receive the same workspace, amount of employee leave time, benefits and travel allowances. Criteria that determine incentives are uniformly applied. Salaries, however, vary based on experience and performance.

At Sunteck, you join an elite new class of empowered employees. We offer you the freedom to live and work the way you want to. Our flexible timings allow you to decide when to work and uphold expectations for a balanced lifestyle.

Mutual trust and respect define our employee relationships. There is no enforced dress code - we understand that attire has little bearing on your integrity or competence. We have created a work environment that is flexible, informal, supportive and empowering.

At Sunteck, we aim to provide the right mentoring and at the same time empower the organization with our employees varied experience.


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