Vasind The Most Scenic Location Amongst Thane Suburbs

Vasind The Most Scenic

Vasind has gained a considerable amount of popularity among Thane suburbs because of its location which is a perfect balance of convenience and nature. Vasind is located on the tranquil banks of the Bhatsa river, and is encompassed by majestic, luscious green hills. Vasind is well connected to the Metropolis and suburbs via Vasind Railway Station. It’s a perfect combination of convenience and nature for those who seek a home away from the humdrum of the city. In Vasind you will be able to breathe in fresh, clean air, and treat your eyes to the lush greenery that envelops this quaint town.

Vasind has a number of beautiful sites and adventurous activities that can be enjoyed by both residents and tourists alike. If you are a resident of Vasind or are trying to get hold of a property in Vasind, you do not have to worry about your short getaways anymore. This town offers a bunch of fun activities with your friends and family in the lap of nature. Vasind is famous for its camping activities along the banks of the Bhatsa. Against the backdrop of gorgeous hills, woods in the view, and the majestic river stretched out in front of your sight, this region makes for a wonderful camping ground. Other activities alongside camping in Vasind include trekking. In your trekking trail uphill, you will be welcomed by beautiful fauna, while also looking down on depths of the valleys. On the way back, you will get the opportunity to witness the evening stretched out against the sky as the sunsets. The trekking in Vasind is one of the most scenic and gorgeous treks in Maharashtra. There are a plenty of temples and fortresses for those who love visiting historical sites and religious shrines. Mahuli fort, Manas Mandir, Mukta Jeevan Ashram, and Swami Samarth Math, are among many of the places of historical interest that are situated in Vasind.

Vasind surely ranks as one of the most scenic and historically rich locations among Thane Suburbs. Its location on the NH-3 Nashik Highway makes it easier to travel to and from the main city. So, if you are looking for a suburb to live, then there is no better place than Vasind and no better time than now. Vasind is only five stations away from Thane and seven stations away from Kalyan. The eight-lane highway that connects Vadodara and MMR at JNPT falls at the juncture of Nashik Highway, and is only 17 kms from Vasind. This eight-lane also opens up Vasind’s connection to other Mumbai suburbs by being well-connected to Kalyan Murbad road and a Multimodal corridor. Besides, it hosts a plethora of warehouses and logistics hubs of companies like Myntra, Amazon, Godrej, Reliance, Jindal Group, Mahindra and a lot more. Therefore, there is a substantial growth of economy and infrastructure in this region. Vasind cannot just be dismissed as a beautiful tourist spot, it is developing into a residential township. Vasind is on its way to becoming the epicentre among the suburbs. Mumbaikars are flocking to this place in search of housing because of the affordable pricing in the current situation, coupled with the luscious green surrounding.