Sunteck Realty – The Rising Trend of 2BHK Flats in Mira Road: What You Need to Know

Here’s how Mira Road became the perfect destination for housing

Mira Road, in the northwest of Mumbai, has become a popular spot for homes. It used to be known for salt and textiles, but now it’s a bustling area, especially thanks to developers like Sunteck Realty. Families and professionals love it for its spacious living options.

Situated between Mumbai and Thane, Mira Road is easy to reach via the Western Express Highway, trains, and roads. And with new 2 BHK flats like Sunteck Sky Park, residents get luxury, making Mira Road a top housing choice.

History of Mira Road

The Mira Bhayandar region, which encompasses Mira Road, was once covered by dense forests and mangroves. Post-independence, development began to take shape in the late 1970s when the Maharashtra government declared the area as a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

Initially dominated by agricultural land, the area faced challenges in its transformation into a residential hub due to logistical difficulties. However, significant improvement in infrastructural facilities like improved water supply and power lines, catalyzed the growth of Mira Road from the 1980s onwards. The construction of vital roads, the establishment of educational institutions, and the steady expansion of the Western Line railway network paved the way for the rapid urbanization of Mira Road.

The Development of Mira Road Over Time

Water Supply and Power Supply

In the beginning, Mira Road faced challenges with water and electricity supply. But as essential infrastructure improved, these issues stabilized, allowing continuous development in the area.

Road and Rail Connectivity

The development of the Mira Road railway station has transformed connectivity to Mumbai. With over 100 train services operating daily, the station offers residents reliable and convenient travel options.

Schools and Hospitals

Mira Road hosts some of the best educational institutions like RBK International Academy, Holy Cross Convent School, and N L Dalmia High School. Additionally, modern healthcare facilities such as Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Wockhardt Hospital cater to residents’ medical needs.

Shopping and Entertainment

The area is home to numerous shopping malls and entertainment zones, including Maxus Mall and Thakur Mall, providing residents with ample leisure options.

How Buying a 2BHK Flat in Mira Road Can Be a Valuable Deal

With the consistent rise in real estate prices in Mira Road over the last decade, buying in a 2BHK flat in Mira Road here has become a lucrative option for many. Sunteck Sky Park epitomizes this value proposition by offering residents modern amenities and spacious living. If you’re looking for property in Mira Road with premium facilities, this is the ideal place.

Key Features of 2BHK Flats in Mira Road:

1.Value: 2 BHK apartments in Mira Road provide a premium living standard.

2. Connectivity: Seamless connectivity to Mumbai, Thane, and other parts of MMR through road and rail networks.

3. Asset: The rapid appreciation of property values makes purchasing in Mira Road a wise financial decision.

Features of the Residential Areas and Housing in Mira Road

Mira Road’s residential areas, such as Sunteck Sky Park, offer various configurations, including 2 and 3 BHK flats in Mira Road. Each locality caters to a diverse range of needs, providing amenities like:

1. Gated Communities: Secure and well-maintained housing societies.

2. Modern Amenities: Gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, and jogging tracks.

3. Educational Institutions: Proximity to quality schools and colleges.

Amenities and Facilities in Mira Road 2BHK Flats

Sunteck Sky Park, premium residential project in Mira Road offer residents:

1. Spacious Living: Well-designed layouts with ample natural light and ventilation.

2. Recreational Facilities: Clubhouses, sports facilities, landscaped gardens, and children’s play areas.

3. Advanced Security: 24/7 security systems, CCTV surveillance, and intercom facilities.

4. Convenient Parking: Ample parking space for residents and visitors.

If you’re searching for premium flats for sale in Mira Road, Sunteck Sky Park provides unmatched luxury and lifestyle amenities for families and professionals alike.

Anticipated Projects in the Development of Mira Road: Sunteck Sky Park

Mira Road’s transformation is set to accelerate further with projects like Sunteck Sky Park, which promises an unparalleled lifestyle with luxury amenities. Future developments, such as the completion of the Mumbai Metro lines 2A and 7, will drastically reduce travel time to Mumbai. Sunteck Mira Road will continue to set the benchmark for premium living with unparalleled lifestyle features.

Sunteck Sky Park Features:

1. Sky Amenities: Rooftop pool, lounge, and viewing deck.

2. Sports Arena: Tennis court, cricket pitch, and jogging track.

3. Grand Clubhouse: Gymnasium, indoor games, and multipurpose hall.


Q: What makes 2BHK flats in Mira Road a valuable deal?  

A: They offer premium amenities, and excellent connectivity, making them a lucrative deal.

Q: What amenities can I expect in 2BHK & 3 BHK flats in Mira Road?  

A: Expect spacious layouts, modern security systems, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, and recreational facilities.

Q: How is the connectivity and transportation in Mira Road?  

A: Mira Road is well-connected via the Western Express Highway, suburban railway network, and upcoming Metro lines.

Q: Are there any upcoming infrastructural developments in Mira Road that could affect 2BHK flat values?  

A: Yes, projects like Metro lines 2A and 7, along with the rapid development of premium housing projects like Sunteck Sky Park, will positively influence property values.

Mira Road remains a top choice for residential living, with Sunteck Realty leading the charge in redefining luxury in the area. Buying 2 BHK flats, especially at Sunteck Sky Park, guarantees a lifestyle of comfort, convenience, and connectivity.


Mira Road’s evolution into a desirable residential area showcases the power of forward-thinking urban planning and strategic development. Spearheaded by Sunteck Realty and exemplified by projects like Sunteck Sky Park, the growing popularity of 2BHK flats in Mira Road provides an unmatched blend of luxury and connectivity. Whether you’re a first-time buyer seeking promising returns, Mira Road offers an ideal opportunity to own your dream home. Don’t wait any longer—take action today and secure your spot in this rapidly appreciating real estate market!If you’re looking to buy a flat in Mira Road, now is the time to explore your options in this vibrant community.