Sunteck Homes: A Perfect Concoction of Stylish Apartments and Luxury Lifestyle

Sunteck Realty (SRL) saw an opportunity and potential of today’s swanky Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai, the most popular Commercial Business District of India. As a first mover, it created a its trilogy and most luxurious residential landmark projects in Mumbai today - Signature Island, Signia Isles and Signia Pearl. In a short period, the project did not only manage to get the attraction from the aristocracy of Mumbai, but also uplifted the and redefined “luxury” in Mumbai in once far-flung wasteland of the city. A trademark combination of flair and energy has today resulted in the transformation of the first business district of MMR into one of the most desirable location for the elite. Sunteck changed the living lifestyle of Mumbaikars and truly spoke the language of royalty and largeness with the magnificence and grandeur in the well-designed residences.

Today, as one of the fastest-growing Mumbai-based luxury real estate development companies listed on NSE and BSE, Sunteck Realty boasts a city-centric development portfolio of about 31 million square feet spread across 26 projects. In the evolving realty market, the brand has continued to differentiate itself from the oversaturated pockets by creating luxury in each segment and won Mumbai homebuyer’s loyalty through a successful set of brands under its umbrella- truly catering “something for everyone” and not losing its strong essence of luxury.

Prominent locations- We are pioneers

Sunteck Realty builds communities in the MMR region with a keen eye for development in micro-markets where future homebuyers want to live and give the best appreciation and growth for the customer’s value. It has redefined the skyline of Mumbai with choosing location which have a high growth potential like Bandra Kurla complex (BKC), Oshiwara District Centre (ODC): a next growth centre and Naigaon. Sunteck’s commitment to its customers is to build communities of luxury homes that deliver the highly desirable features of the city like the Natural scenic views, proximity to businesses, artery routes and entertainment hubs.

Modern and Sleek apartments

Besides the convenience of location for each category of the brand, one of the main reasons behind the success of Sunteck, is the attention to detail in quality and aesthetics of the individual apartments and of the project as a whole. Homebuyers can see it in the details and feel it in the artistry from the moment they walk into a Sunteck home. The contemporary apartments, perfectly sized and sleek condominium and architectural designs to suit any lifestyle and life stage, all designed to make the apartments as attractive as possible for today’s homebuyer. Additionally, a plethora of on-site amenities have proved to be a big part of every project’s attraction.

Lifestyle activities

Sunteck Realty’s residences are designed with a smart layout that allows everyone to enjoy a refreshing lifestyle like none other. One could explore the endless options of amenities while staying at a Sunteck Home. Open landscape areas, elegant clubhouse with facilities for various indoor and outdoor games and many more attractions allow the residents to have a good time socializing and rejuvenating themselves.


The residents can rid themselves of any safety woes as each project offers sophisticated security features. CCTV cameras, well-trained security staff and more make sure that the residents and their loved ones are safe in these abodes.


Each project is designed to include a beautifully landscaped garden. Living in the midst of lush greenery, one is able to lead a relaxing and healthy life.

Mixed-use to mixed base development

Remarkably, modern mixed-used townships have become a perfect concoction of both luxury and affordability. Sunteck’s projects offer a perfect mix of lifestyle that homebuyers long for - such as large open boulevards, modern retail spaces, a variety of entertainment and fine dining options, parks for children and senior citizens, recreational spaces and health clubs. The company believes that the end-users can cherish these features that make their lives comfortable, besides the efficient use of the land space. The company has put a conscious effort to create such spaces in all their projects - SunteckCity, ODC, Goregaon and Sunteck World, Naigaon.

Sensible investment

Every project of Sunteck Realty is particularly a promising asset. The projects have appreciating capital returns along with the potential to offer higher rental yields in a short span of time. These projects offer customers true value for their money while fulfilling their dream of a perfect home.