Kitchen Vastu Tips: Enhancing Health and Prosperity in Your Home

The kitchen is an inseparable part of any home and acts as a source of our day-long energy. Every single appliance that you install in the kitchen is essential. Moreover, if it is constructed based on the Vastu principles, positivity will prevail.

So, while buying flats from the top builders and developers in Mumbai, it is crucial to emphasise the  Kitchen Vastu. Here are some essential aspects to know about kitchen Vastu and its role in enhancing health and prosperity.

Selecting the Right Colors as Per Vastu

A professional and client-centric real estate developer will always paint the kitchen with colours that spread positivity based on Vastu. Most Vastu experts state that the colour scheme of your kitchen must be warm and inviting.

While shades of countless positive and welcoming colours can be used, a few colours that bear special mention are shades of yellow, pink, orange and red. These colours play an integral role in promoting positivity and vitality. It is best to refrain from painting the kitchen walls with dark blue or black colours to avoid a dull and dark vibe.

The Build Material of the Kitchen Slab

Based on Vastu Shastra, the building material of the kitchen slab is preferred to be marble or natural stone. Besides the build material of the slab, maintaining a clutter-free kitchen should be your top priority. A congested cooking area can block the flow of positive energy. On the other hand, a clutter-free, well-organised kitchen is sure to invite positivity not only into your kitchen but into your entire home.

Installing Kitchen Hob and Sink Based on Vastu Shastra

The best builders in Mumbai typically install kitchen sinks based on the guidelines of Vastu. However, the placement of the hob depends on the preferences of the homeowner. The kitchen hob or gas stove, along with other appliances, represents fire. So you should consider the characteristics it represents before considering its placement. Based on the guidelines laid by experts, it is preferable to place appliances in the southeast part of your kitchen.

Lighting and its Role in Affecting Vastu

TheLuxury home developers always ensure that your kitchen receives an ample amount of natural light. Vastu experts believe natural light can eliminate negative energy from your kitchen and infuse positivity into your life. It is also considered to be healthy and promotes a positive vibe throughout the home.

Apartments of Sunteck Realty are designed keeping these tips in mind and ensuring that you can live peacefully amidst the active Mumbai city life. So the next time you go house hunting, or even if you consider redoing your home interiors, remember these Vastu tips to create positive energy in your kitchen and home!