19 AUG' 21
Vasind is an ideal location which is an amalgamation of nature and connectivity. Apart from its prime location, department stores, schools, hospitals, and gyms are also opening up to cater to the needs of the residents in the area.
19 AUG' 21
Vasind has gained a considerable amount of popularity among Thane suburbs because of its location which is a perfect balance of convenience and nature. Vasind is located on the tranquil banks of the Bhatsa river, and is encompassed by majestic, luscious green hills. Vasind is well connected to the Metropolis and suburbs via Vasind Railway Station.
17 JUNE' 21
Sale of 3BHK Units up by 19% across Top 7 Cities in Q1 2021 – Source Prop Equity Research
10 JUNE' 21
The start of a new "Decade" and the year 2021 was embraced with open arms and the hopes of a new beginning.
4 JAN' 21
Since the lockdown began, every corner of our home has been re-purposed. From turning the living room into our work-station, to making the bedroom our kid’s study space, the balcony transformed into a meditation studio and so on.
5 NOV' 20
Who doesn’t dream of living close to Nature? Only to imagine beginning your days capturing spectacular water views where crowds of vibrant flamingoes greet you every morning.
21 AUG' 20
Owning a house has always been one of the top-most desires in an individual’s life. Ever wondered why? The reason being, a home is much more than just four walls and a roof. It kindles a range of emotions and thoughts in us.
06 July' 20
The world had been put on pause for some time and the rush of routine life seem to have taken a back seat. These circumstances, in which we live now have made us adapt to a new way of life, the Work from Home(WFH) concept - The much spoken about terminology in the corporate vocabulary this year.
15 Jun' 20
COVID-19 has changed the way the world looks at life. Never had we imagined that there would come a day when we would be home bound for the safety of our family and loved ones.
26 May' 20
Sunteck Realty (SRL) saw an opportunity and potential of today's swanky Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai, the most popular Commercial Business District of India.
18 May' 20
Lockdown has been a new chapter in all our lives.
05 May' 20
Sunteck Talent Champion (STC), is a Digital Dance & Singing Challenge hosted by Sunteck Realty on its Social platforms.
15 Apr' 20
Sunteck Realty has always been at the forefront in delivering unwavering quality; and has set impeccably high standards which have led to its persistent progression in the Real Estate Industry.
12 Feb' 20
Sunteck Realty has been the leading real estate luxury brand delivering successful residential projects year after year.
14 Jan' 20
A win win for customers as they will now get the best value proposition with best quality homes
23 Dec' 19
Sunteck Realty’s 4TH Avenue – Finest Residences received an overwhelming response in just 18 days of its launch. The recently unveiled project, 4th Avenue recently sold 125 out of the 225 luxury apartments opened in the first tower in a remarkably short span of time.
26 Nov' 19
How many of us have the desire to own property – whether residential or commercial – in a plush locality with high-grade infrastructure, accessible by transport network, and basically the beat of the suburb.
13 Nov' 19
In today’s day and age, we live our lives through the rush of making it through our careers, making it through our relationships, making it through our health and minds or simply making it through the monotony of our 24x7 lives. While these struggles stay with us almost everywhere, the best we can do for our mental and social peace is to stay at a place that offers not just a comfortable home but also a lifestyle that is pleasant and this serene lifestyle is what Sunteck City, Mumbai is all about.
11 Nov' 19
With the growth of the suburbs of Mumbai starting from Andheri to Malad and beyond, the epicentre of Mumbai has also been shifting with more and more Mumbaikars not only residing in the suburbs but also aspiring to move towards the western Mumbai in order to live a life of convenience, connectivity, luxury and ease. Owing to this shift of the Mumbaikars, MMRDA has envisaged a new centre of commerce, housing and growth – The Oshiwara District Centre (ODC).
11 Oct' 19
When one is looking for an extravagant lifestyle and a serene location, Signia Waterfront in Airoli can’t be missed. The beautiful property developed by Sunteck is a beautiful reality to be cherished.
26 Jul' 19
Naigaon is just 3 stations away from Borivali and is fast becoming the most sought after residential location in the Western Suburbs in Mumbai metropolitan region.
03 Jul' 19
It’s everyone’s dream of cherishing a lifestyle that brings peace and comfort.
20 Jun' 19
Located in the heart of Navi Mumbai, Airoli is buzzing with activity and is on the brink of becoming the next biggest investment opportunity.
20 May' 19
When you seek something that you value the most, it gets attracted towards you. Embrace all the goodness in life and give your gratitude to everything that happens to you, and you’ll always have more.
09 May' 19
Strategically, Andheri is the best area of Mumbai when it comes to investing in a new apartment. Take delight in an array of conveniences like malls, multiplexes, healthcare facilities, uninterrupted road network and so much more at one spot.
05 Apr' 19
Mumbai has a flourishing corporate culture where new individuals keep joining on a regular basis. After spending a few months,
04 Apr' 19
Festivals play an important role in India as they are the reason for people to gather and spread smiles all around. Amongst the many festivals,
31 Dec' 18
The criteria set by buyers of home has been changing over the period of time . Nowadays not only are people looking for a luxurious, comfortable place which they can call their home,
10 Dec' 18
What are the essential needs that complete a home? Is it comfortable spaces, pampering amenities or beautiful views? Yes, they are necessary. But sometimes a house requires much more,
23 Oct' 18
What is luxury? It is a space, where the sense of happiness resides, it is a place, where your children grow and enjoy playing with toys, and it is an abode, where you invite your friends and relatives to have a gala time.
19 Oct' 18
Happiness, new beginnings, positivity, joy and bliss are some of the most valuable things in life that arrive with the festival of Dussehra. The festival is very popular and celebrated across India with great fervour.
15 Oct' 18
Always bringing good surprises for homebuyers, Sunteck Realty is known to develop world-class real estate projects that have striking features, good amenities and luxurious residences.
06 Aug' 18
Every investor wants a handsome return and thus invests in a sector that is profit oriented. The realty sector has its eyes fixed upon Naigaon, which they visualize as a potential market for home buyers to buy property and prosper.
02 Aug' 18
The upbeat lifestyle in Mumbai is made even better for dwellers in prominent localities of this great city. For those who want to be in the midst of it all, while enjoying a pleasant lifestyle through living in a residential area, one of the best localities to pinpoint is Andheri West.
02 Aug' 18
The upbeat lifestyle in Mumbai is made even better for dwellers in prominent localities of this great city. For those who want to be in the midst of it all, while enjoying a pleasant lifestyle through living in a residential area, one of the best localities to pinpoint is Andheri West.
01 Jun' 18
There’s a new ‘BKC’ for Mumbaikars to aspire to reach, and it’s set right in the middle of the city. It’s unusually well connected by rail and road, has both plenty of greenery as well as a view of the Arabian Sea,and can boast of some of the city’s most elite malls.
23 Apr' 18
Did you know India is in the list of top 10 International property markets in the world? Acording to a Q2 2017 report by Knight Frank Global House Price Index, considerable-growth in mainstream residential rates is the reason why India's rank has jumped 13 spots and reached the ninth position.
18 Apr' 18
With the enactment of the real estate law and implementation of GST (Goods & Services Tax), 2017 proved to be an eventful year for the real estate market in India.
05 Apr' 18
05-Apr-1 8
With the enactment of the real estate law and implementation of GST (Goods & Services Tax), 2017 proved to be an eventful year for the real estate market in India.
28 Apr' 18
The Oshiwara District Centre is touted to be the most profitable investment destination in future. Seamless connectivity and development of new infra projects are expected to boost property rates in the area.
19 Jan' 18
Oshiwara District Centre (ODC) is being contemplated as the next BKC for western suburbs in Mumbai. Spread across 148 acres, this district centre will be offering world-class retail, residential and commercial spaces laced with top-notch facilities.